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Chinatown Remixed

May 12 until June 12, Confectionaries: Remixed, will be hanging at Purple Urchin Soap at 882 Somerset Street West, Ottawa. 

Confectionaries: Remixed are paper weavings made using test prints from my original Confectionaries series. 

2011 Holiday Card

Here's my 2011 Holiday card design. I've done this one slightly differently this year, it's now a smaller format (4.25" x 5.5") and involves a "non-real" happening, wheras previous cards had focused on at least plausible scenes. The card (along with previous designs) is available in the shop.

Illustrated Sketch of Occupy Ottawa, October 15

The sun was out enough that I was barely warm enough to sketch. There were 500 people in the park at any given time and likely double or triple that passed through over a few hours. There seemed less than a dozen police, and they walked amicably through the crowd with little issue. This was good to see, and a wise course — rather than having lines of police on the sidewalks intimidating the crowd. One of the most notable things about the OWS movement in general has been the lack of violence (on part of the protesters) and that was certainly the case in relatively calm Ottawa.

House drawing season nearly over

For those in Ottawa who may still be looking for a house drawing commission, the season for doing these on location is almost up. Essentially in early October I stop sketching outdoors regularly as the weather becomes so unpredictable that it's hard to be able to commit. Naturally I can work from photographs if need be, but my preference is to be on site. If you have been considering commissioning a house drawing, do get in touch soon.

A stunning example of why I drew the Confectionaries

One of the corner stores I illustrated has replaced it's sinage in the past week or two. The store is Giovanni's, and the old sign was rusted, with crumbling paint, and two vintage 7up logos on either side. In between the logos, there was so much decay, the name of the store had long since washed off. It was, in a word, gorgeous. I knew the signage was going to be changed after speaking with the owner earlier this summer. I understand why he felt this was a necessary thing to do, and I hope it helps his business. However, I feel like removing the crusted old sign was removing a landmark, and I'm glad (in a melancholy sort of way) that I illustrated the place before the change was made.

Jack Layton: Thoughts from Metcalfe Street at Midnight

Today, August 22, 2011, Jack Layton passed away at the age of 61. If you're Canadian, you already know this. 

A few hours after noon, I biked up to Parliament Hill, just a few blocks north of my apartment. There were already dozens of flowers, candles and a few signs sitting alongside fencing near the Centennial Flame. I'd estimate a hundred mourners stood around, and the same amount came and went over the next hour. I looked up at the Peace Tower, and the flag at half-mast stopped me. I've never been affected by a flag at half-mast before.

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